The Royal Order

from by Singularity

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An order is issued to explore a new-found void
Years of research suggests unclaimed life
We must discover the truth that lies within
Before the ice age ruins our kingdom
We take what we can

Will they accept our proposition?
To get down on just one knee?
The royal order must be honored
For we control the galaxy

I board my craft and launch into the nothingness of space
Seeing my home diminish and up ahead lurks the abyss

Will I make it out alive?
What lurks on the other side?

My craft approaches the spiraling cosmic gate
As my flesh begins to boil, I'm sucked into void

Suddenly, I'm swallowed into nothing
My king, are you sure I will survive?
Humanity's reach into unknown space
Where we will yet again thrive

I see the end of the void after traveling many light years
But to my suprise, deceived are my eyes
A marvelous cosmic sight appears

An entire galactic skyline
Inhabited by countless creatures

I land my craft on a celestial plane and Instantly, I'm greeted by a native
"Welcome young Earth child. We have been expecting you"
How do they know we exist?

"We have heard your cries for help
Your planet is at war with your own
But we are unsympathetic
You are ungrateful human scum"

"Human Scum"

"For you see we are thriving
We are a network of celestial life
Riding waves of the universe
Communicating as one"

"We are servants of nature and the commanding force of time
Providing unconditional solace to all life"

"Now return home to your king
You must explain what you have seen
Your kind has much to learn
But we will take you in and save you"

My craft approaches the spiraling cosmic gate
But as my craft begins to fracture, I sense a treacherous fate

I sense a treacherous fate


from Void Walker, released September 2, 2016
Composed by Jack Fliegler and Nick Pompliano
Lyrics by Jack Fliegler



all rights reserved


Singularity Tempe, Arizona

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